ADOR BTS: Genesis Drop

5 min readFeb 16, 2021

Its been an exciting roller-coaster the past year, we all are staying safe and sound physically and mentally…

As we predicted, the virtual collectible space has seen some incredible growth and recognition in a short time, with way more space to grow! The trend seems to be as each reputable artist, company or creator enters the Blockchain space more and more records are shattered; raising the confidence and expectation BAR even higher in this industry.

Our 1st collaborative concept exceeded our expectations! We minted an NFT, (non-fungible token), with crypto influencer “MoneyGuru”, 100 of these NFTs sold at 1ETH price point each in less than 36 hours. His community was ecstatic to acquire this virtual item with a cool utility: airdrops for the next 12 months on various projects he works with!

More instances of virtual items with fun features for communities to benefit from have been popping up on the scene. From exclusive dedicated videos to digital gifts, anything of value and rarity goes. Similar to Patreon and ONLYfans, the blockchain space is allowing for privacy and ownership to reign supreme.

A few big names dipped their toes in the metaverse recently. NBA-topshot has pulled in millions with its BETA release and digital artist, Mark Cuban is dabbling around with fun virtual collectible, and beeple has completed a record of $3.5million+ in sales with his virtual collectibles. Also a few hip-hop artists tested the waters of the crypto media space, and Christie’s Auction House raked in $131k (more than 7x the estimated value) on their 1st event; with their instant success we definitely will see many more to follow in their footsteps.


For the 1st time “cryptokitties & cryptopunks” have been outperformed by another source, and this will become the new normal as more celebrities, influencers and creators catch up to the blockchain phenomena. Platforms like Patreon & onlyfans show a glimpse of what's to come, but we can see the trending value in privacy and exclusive experiences. These Media experiences can now be tracked on a public ledger and monetized with digital currencies, there are no limitations on what's to come next!

Normally the term “NFT, non-fungible token” has been used to describe these virtual items… But they are so much more, so we are coining the term “MeWu, media experiences with utilities”. Recently an artist, Omb, minted a MeWu that promotes mental health and wellness, using techniques top athletes and ancient societies tap into.

Our team at ADOR has been busy the past few months building and curating our 1st virtual release with blockchain technology and the bar is set high. We have 11 Alpha creators that will jumpstart a new standard for collecting, as well as a few innovative campaigns and events.

We are slated to have a soft launch in Q2 2021 and have several ways for collectors & the community to get involved. Some of our most prized MeWu’s will come in the form of rewards. That’s right a small batch of MeWu’s will be released on a 1st come 1st serve basis and the holders will all split a portion of the fees collected each month.

By focusing on human value locked in, we extract the core value of BITCOIN, Ethereum, and many other platforms that cultivate a strong community. Currently without human interaction, nothing with progress. Once A.I. builds a sovereign society this will change the construct of civilization, but that's a different topic and article altogether.

We have made it our goal to champion diversity and inclusion. Since the female presence in tech is drastically lower, we will do our best to feature many women in our industry. And we will make it a top priority to represent a broad spectrum of the community.

This marks the official beginning of our “virtual renaissance”.

We are having a few community events coming up! Git in where you fit in:

  1. Community Token Generation:

2. ALPHA Testers:

3. Platform Reward MeWu EVENT:

Keep in mind this will be a test launch, we are chain agnostic and we will have several minting solutions for creators; as well as several payment options including DEBIT cards.

The ADOR ecosystem has a foundational layer with its token. Users will be able to stake tokens to earn points and claim free RARE & EXCLUSIVE MeWu’s. We have a few Yield farms open for the community to experience passive residuals and we will launch a hiring portal, for creators to be hired by companies or individuals that love their workstyle.

We can forget the elephant in the room… To all Managers, Art dealers, and beyond we welcome you also! Please sign up for our consulting course so you can effectively navigate and recommend the best path for your clients. (HERE)

Our roll-out will have two phases each month, A WAVE and A DROP. A wave will come first, this is where all marketing and reward MeWu’s will be available. Followed by the featured DROP, we aim to have 2 creators per drop; this rate will allow us to pace ourselves without saturating the marketplace.

Lastly, the reason we are doing this is to empower our initiatives. We have education, mental health & wellness, history, donation, and acceleration. Contact us if you would like to get directly involved in our commitment to service.