3 min readOct 29, 2023


Welcome to ADOR, built with the “Spirit of Satoshi”, created because we need decentralized solutions that empower creators.


Recently, we released our ALPHA build that has all the tooling and features to program and create MetaMedia content that can be enjoyed around the world! Our first free collection went well, and we have a few more rolling out for early supporters to enjoy and give feedback.


We have several features that encourage safety, like one interesting solution for web-account usage, the “MetaBound Badge”. This token is locked to your account and can be used for token-gated access and more! This means any unbound, high-value tokens can be sent to a “VAULT”/cold-account for extra care and safety.

MetaBound Badge

Another wonderful creation is the “ADOR Open letter” that reveals some of the back story on why we picked this path and how important decentralized tooling can be for creatives.


Our first Art Auction on Ethereum went live and it is glorious! Interdisciplinary creative, Bitsavage, has patiently waited to be our first creator to release digital & physical art.


Heres the scoop: MISOESOS The first 1 of 1 auction


A cacophony of infinite streams of consciousness weaved into a gourmet experience for your immersive pleasure. As above so below… From the micro quantum realm to the macrocosmic EGGs of the multiverse, anything is possible. The question is, what do you want to experience? This presentation is a blend of Intangible, tangible & digital design.

This is the start of it all, after years for observation and design its finally ready for release. On ADOR, after the first collector bids, the first limited edition event will go live! All “MISOESIS” limited edition event participants will be entered to win another limited edition piece of art or print or 1of1. If the auction passes 1ETH, the final winner will receive a free 1of1 nft, special limited edition & art print. Also note the “BUY NOW” price, if a collector instantly buys the art they will get several special limited editions & multiple art prints, a 2nd digital 1of1 as well as the physical art for free.


Bonus: If you participated in his previous “ASH-GAME” adventure, grab a metabound badge in order to get your free limited edition art piece!

This has been a wild journey, that has revealed tremendous self-growth and actualization of a dream coming true! Over the next few months we will reveal partnerships and feature other creator releases. Grab a Buildoor W.A.F.F.L.E on BaseChain before the Door closes…


This is just the beginning…