TEST ADOR & get access to our first Lineup of EVENTS!

3 min readSep 16, 2023

In the Spirit of Satoshi…


TL;DR: ADOR “BASECHAIN” TEST event is live!

This is the first challenge/quest on ADOR! Interact with ADOR Basechain release, and have first access to collect various immersive digital items. Founder, BITSAVADOR, a multi-disciplinary creator & healer who uses energy to pour empowerment everywhere, has taken the lead to move in the spirit of satoshi and gather like minds to bring value to creators around the world! Yasi, Abel, Amy, Noealz, Max Capacity and Serap are among the first wave of amazing creatives that showcase masterful collections in the web3 space participating in this event. A truly historical moment for ADOR’s first release…

Earlier this year, the ADOR DAPP launched to empower creative communities globally. Currently, they are choosing to begin with Basechain, a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2, because it offers an easy, cost-efficient, secure way to release digital items!

They are building something big — empowering the creative community with a dapp that everyone contributes to is a tall order, and they are delivering with style. We can only continue to do this if more creators and builders join us!

JOIN US NOW. Complete the test, become an early supporter, and get first access to our events! Get started at “TESTNET”.


This test will walk you through creating an event on ADOR in a few easy steps. You will need a self-custodial “HOT web-wallet, funded with testnet BASEeth to complete the TEST. (You can get testnet BASEeth from Coinbase WEB Wallet or an alternative faucet.)

How it works:

  • Join the community
  • Visit the faucet
  • Connect your Wallet
  • Create a Collection
  • Create an EVENT on the Base testnet
  • Get ready for the main event!

***The most important step:

You will be instantly eligible for our events following the transition to Basechain mainnet. Learn more and get started at “TESTNET


BITSAVADOR has explored different mediums of art throughout his career, from film production & lyrical prose to fashion, painting & digital art. He’s been active in the NFT space since 2017, a true 2nd WAVE OG, and collaborated many with brands. Teaming up with creators from the web3 space has been an internal awakening too say the least.

“Having a trusted DAPP to post and store and offer a library of content feels amazing! No more getting lost at sea or wondering if traditional centralized apps will shadow-ban or remove content without warnings; as well as compensate poorly with pennies, when we’re worth so much more! Basechain, the new Layer2 incubated by Coinbase, empowers developers and creators to innovate, which in-turn drives creative possibilities that can make this world a better place to share stories.”

We are honored to work with everyone and celebrate this release on ADOR; their art encourages the world to be at peace and embrace the changing times, — this is the ethos at ADOR.

Find out more on X at @serapgorunme @bitsavador @able.eth @y4si @noealz @AmyJLA @ADORorg

We can’t wait to OPEN ADOR! Start TESTING ADOR at “TEST LINK

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This is just the beginning; we have a whole year of fun planned!